Your work belongs in a gallery.

We have a lot in common, you and me. When we enter a space, our eyes are drawn to the lines of natural light. We add contrast to a scene, nudge textures into place, and work until the balance is just right. We strive for beauty, and nothing less. We let our subject reveal its personality, and then dabble with the details until the truest expression is revealed.


As a designer, builder, or stylist, you’re not content to simply fill a jobsite; you create an immersive experience. I know the full value of your design work can only be felt while standing in a space—feet grounded on the handwoven rug, lungs breathing in the sweetest sense of home. Even so, I long to share your masterpiece through my lens. Whether your style is light-infused, bright whites or bold colors and funky patterns, it deserves to be on display.

Investing in an interior photographer means the designs that once lived in your head can now be leisurely grazed by potential clients. You can easily pull new inspiration from your past work, feel proud of what you’ve accomplished, and submit designs for publication. If my interiors portfolio looks familiar, it may be because you’ve seen my work in Rue, Domino, or Style Me Pretty Living. My client catalog is loaded with talent, and I think you belong on the roster.


So, if you’re tired of pouring everything into a job only to have it bottled up inside a home at the end of the project, I hope you’ll add me to your process. In your closing moments with clients, I’ll come in, a camera in each hand, to capture your work in its best light. Feel free to select from my list of photography packages or reach out for a custom partnership.

No matter where your designs take you, I’d like to join you on the journey. Your work belongs in a gallery … let’s give it one.



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